Live NetTV for iPhone/iPad – Download Free iOS App

Do you want to install Live NetTV for iPhone & iPad? Then you’re in the right place. Let’s see how to get this application on your iOS gadgets.

What do you usually do to relax after finishing your work? Most of you probably will answer watching movies. Yes, a lot of people love watching movies whenever they are tired or bored.

However, that means we need to spend our money on a movie ticket or Internet subscription to get access to good films. Well, that is not necessary if only you have Live NetTV app. This app is compatible with all platforms like Android, iOS, Firestick, etc. Here we will only focus on Live NetTV for iOS.

Picked up for you: Android users can use this link to download Live NetTV APK file.

About Live NetTV

Live NetTV is one of the best live TV streaming apps. It allows you to watch more than 800 channels from several countries. It includes channels from Pakistan, India, United Kindom, French, and many more.

There are 9 categories of TV program available in this app. Those are Sports, News, Entertainment, Kids, Music, Cooking, etc.

What makes this app more amazing is that we can use their service for free. We do not have to pay for anything like subscription or channel request. Simply open the app, choose your favorite show, and stream as long as you want.

How To Download Live NetTV for iPhone/iPad?

Like we said before, the Live NetTV app is available on all platforms including iOS. It is very easy to get in on your Apple gadgets like iPhone or iPad.

Live NetTV for iPhone iPad iOS App

You only need to follow a few steps below. Please note that you can only do these steps if you already have an Apple ID. If you do not have it, then create one beforehand.

  • Use your iPhone or iPad and go to iTunes AppStore
  • Head to the search bar and type Live NetTV
  • Once it shows you the search result, click on the app icon
  • Click on GET button on the screen to download the app
  • After the download is done, follow the further instruction to install Live NetTV for iOS
  • If the installation is complete, go back to your home screen and tap on the app. Now you are ready to watch your favorite TV shows

Note: Here is the official link to get Live NetTV App on your iOS platform without any delay.

How To Use Live NetTV App?

It is quite simple to use the Live NetTV app. We can just use it right away without any registrations. Simply click on the app to open, and you will see a number of channels you can watch.

There are channels from Pakistan, India, or the UK. Choose International to watch channels from USA such as FOX News, ABC News, Sky Sports, and many more.

On the upper tab screen, you can see a selection of categories like Entertainment or News. Every single one of them will show channels related to the category you pick.

Can’t find the channel you are looking for? Don’t worry because you can request it to the app by using Channel Request option. You can find it in the Menu section. What you only need to do is to fill out the name of the channel you want to add and then submit it. Live NetTV will add it to the app as soon as possible.

That’s all we can share about Live NetTV for iPhone and iPad. Hopefully, it helps you a lot in getting to know about the app.

Update: Having Windows or Mac device? Get Live NetTV App on your PC or Laptop