Privacy Policy

When entering any website, including this one, you are agreeing to a certain amount of terms and policy that include your own privacy and rights. When you enter, register, navigate or search on this website you’re, then, agreeing to our policies in which we determine that we collect information from you while you navigate.

It’s important to notice that all this information will be completely confidential and won’t be directly related to you unless you specifically give your permission.

What do we need to collect information for?

As we mentioned before, the data recollection from users is a practice that concerns all the internet and websites. But truth is, that when it comes to serious web companies, this collection is completely anonymous and harmless.

The data collection that is anonymous uses information regarding your interests inside the website for giving you a more personalized navigating experience as well as receiving advertising towards your interests.

In case of deeper personal information, it will only be registered under your complete permission and it includes data such as your name or e-mail for newsletter, registration or authorized offers and promotions.

Please notice that we as a company committed to maintaining complete confidence and security of all your personal data in our private servers and also we’re committed to never lend, rent or sell any of your information with third parties unless you give your permission or ask us to.

Also, you can make a solicitation for erasing or receiving all the personal data we have on you, for this please contact us in our contact section.

What kind of information do we collect?

  • Registration data and profile: personal data that you voluntarily offer when registering on our website. The objective of this data is that our server can relate you to your own account and register your activity. Only your username and profile picture will be public unless you permit or ask other data to be public.
  • Mail list: volunteer registration of your e-mail for any mailing list, newsletter or advertising.
  • Comments, reactions, and publications: any comment, reaction or publication made by your account on our website will be automatically saved and related to your profile. Also, this information will be public on our website.
  • Cookies: this website works with cookies for collecting anonymous information regarding your activity on the site, your search, your interests, and your IP address in order to bring you improved the user experience.

Cookies information

Cookies extract information from various sources and with distinct purposes:

  • Analytics or technics: access data, registration data, navigation data so the website can recognize you and your behavior so it will function in a responsive or adaptive way towards your interests. With these cookies, the website will be able to remember your account and passwords as well as improve your navigation speed and solve problems.
  • Advertising: some cookies take data from your preferences, clicks, time spent in every section, things you’re looking for, consults, products viewed etc. This way, all the advertising content can be directed to your interests and needs.
  • Social Networks: we are not under the control of any information collected by social networks when navigating our websites with your account (social network account) active or if you voluntarily give access or share. Nevertheless, we include social network buttons as a way for our users to share our content.

Contact Us

Having any queries regarding our privacy policy, you can use the contact form and send to us.